The Armstrong Center for Community Learning is a nonprofit organization that is committed to promoting higher education opportunities. We provide a center in which continuing educational programs are offered for residents of Armstrong County.


The ACCL is located at:
81 Glade Drive, Kittanning, PA 16201

Hours of operation are:
8:30 a.m. - 4:30 p.m. Monday through Friday

To schedule a CLEP Test or any test
outside hours of operation contact
Fred Orozco at:

Phone # 724-543-2599
Fax# 724-545-6127

The ELC is located at:
142 Kerr Road, Ford City, PA 16226

Phone # 724-763-6316



Executive Director – Fred Orozco,
Office Manager - Jennifer R. Smith,

Board of Directors:

President – Rich Muth
Vice President – Phil Tack
Treasurer – Brian Stanko
Secretary - Kimberly Doms, MSEd, RN
Marie Dillon-Griffith
Autumn Vorpe-Seyler
Dr. Matthew Curci
Ian Magness
Tiffany Nix
Jaymie Oliver
Christina O’Donnell
PA Representative Jeffery Pyle (ex-officio)