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Do you enjoy learning about the natural world?  Are you interested in sharing that knowledge with others? Would you like to know more about supporting natural resource conservation?  Pennsylvania Master Naturalists are a dedicated group of people who share in a passion for nature, getting outdoors and giving back.  If you enjoy hiking, wildlife watching, being outdoors, and volunteering, you’ll love being a Master Naturalist.

Become a Master Naturalist by attending our 50-hour training course beginning in August 2021 at the Outdoor Discovery Center at Crooked Creek, located in the heart of Armstrong County, PA.  Applications are now being accepted.

Click here to access the schedule.

Click here for PA Master Naturalist Q & A.

Click here to access the application/registration website.

Early bird registration date has been extended until May 1, 2021.

Visit the PA Master Naturalist Facebook page by clicking here.

For more information about registration, contact Maeve Rafferty at 412-660-7581 or visit https://pamasternaturalist.org/become_a_master_naturalist/.


To address concerns about the PA Master Naturalist Program and COVID-19, please see the PA Master Naturalist FAQ page for more information.

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