Each year, the ACCL awards scholarships to aid qualified students who are seeking undergraduate (Bachelor's) degrees.

The Ralph & Mary Lou McAllister Scholarship Trust Fund

The Armstrong Center for Community Learning (ACCL) is proud to announce, we will be awarding scholarships totaling $19,000 to individuals who are planning or are currently pursuing a four-year college education.

To be eligible for an award, the applicant must be or will be enrolled in an approved institution of higher learning leading to a Bachelor’s Degree. Also, the applicant must live in the Borough of Ford City or at a residence with a Ford City Post Office address.

The ACCL reserves the right to award additional scholarships to eligible candidates based on availability of funds.

A recipient who fails to enroll in an approved institution in the first term of the academic year for which the award was granted shall forfeit the award which will be returned to the treasurer/scholarship fund to be awarded to the next year’s class or in case of extenuating circumstances shall be reviewed by the committee.

The deadline has been extended to April 27, 2018!  There is still time to apply!

Download Application:

High School Student Application

College Student Application

For additional information, please contact us, or call 724-543-2599.

Scholarship description and applications are available at the
Armstrong Center for Community Learning:
West Hills Industrial Park
81 Glade Drive
Kittanning, PA 16201

Tri-County Health Care Industry Partnership
Tuition Award for LPN and RN Programs             

Mary Salony, Tri-County Workforce Investment Board, Pullman Commerce Center, 112 Hollywood Drive Suite 201, Butler, PA  16001