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The Armstrong Center for Community Learning is a nonprofit organization that is committed to promoting higher education opportunities. We provide a center in which continuing educational programs are offered for residents of Armstrong County.


The ACCL is located in the NexTier Adult Learning Center at Lenape Tech:

104 Armstrong Street, Suite A, Ford City, PA 16226

Hours of operation are:
8:30 a.m. - 4:30 p.m. Monday through Friday

To schedule a CLEP Test or any test
outside hours of operation contact
Justin Nolder at:

Phone: (724) 543-2599

The ACCL also operates the Outdoor Discovery Center at Crooked Creek, located at:

142 Kerr Road, Ford City, PA 16226

Phone: (724) 763-6316

Hours of operation:

View the upcoming events at


Executive Director - Justin Nolder, [email protected]

Office Manager - Karen Balint, [email protected]

ODC Program Coordinator - Rachel Filippini, [email protected]

Board of Directors:

President – Jessica Schaub
Vice President – Richard Muth
Secretary - David McFarland
Treasurer – Kimberly Smith, M.Ed., RN
Marie Dillon-Griffith
Jaymie Oliver
Karen Zapp
Philip Tack
Chris King
Ian Magness, M.Ed.
Dr. Wesley Minteer, D.O.
Mary Krauland, M.Ed.
Dr. Paula Berry, M.Ed.
Brian Stanko

Armstrong Center for Community Learning

Armstrong Center for Community Learning